Ganellen Eastwood with SnagR Photo Diary


  • Difficult for the Project Manager to monitor the performance of each onsite staff member as the shared folder could not log the upload activities of individuals
  • Time consuming for onsite staff to manually tag photos
  • Hard to search for photos without links to location on drawings, date, time, photographer, construction category and reports
  • Prone to miss photos relating to a Quality Assurance (QA) hold point inspection


  • Set up subscription on SnagR for PM on site team members’ KPI report on a customisable schedule
  • Plot photos on site plans in SnagR using mobile devices as site team members take photos on site, logging the specific location to the nearest 1 meter
  • Allow annotations and comments to be placed, attached or linked to the photos to make data more insightful
  • Search and extract photos made possible with links to location, date, time, photographer, construction category and reports


  • Monitor team performance and produce reports at a glance with the automated KPI dashboard
  • Eliminate the tasks of uploading photos to shared folder, relabeling and attaching comments, indicating the location and other relevant information as these are fully automated by SnagR
  • Spot QA hold point inspection easily by searching and filtering specific categories of photos to avoid any potential delays
  • Save tremendous time in generating reports with  searchable photos by any detail the report requires.

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