Damen Shipyards Green Solutions


  • Difficult to standardise different frameworks adopted by inspection personnel while filling in surveys in docks all over the world
  • Inspection personnel spending much time filling out surveys in the office after ship visits
  • Hard to monitor or communicate with inspectors in different parts of the world from the back office
  • Data lost in paper-based surveys which make analytics inaccessible


  • Create a standard template for the survey used on each ship on SnagR
  • Fill in the surveys directly on SnagR offline during ship visits when internet is unavailable
  • Synchronises the completed surveys to the central database automatically by SnagR
  • Capture all data from the surveys and generate project overview and other analytics with SnagR’s customised KPI dashboards


  • Save time filling in the surveys as template forms are readily available
  • Eliminate duplicated paperwork at the office because data captured offline during ship visits can be synchronised automatically when internet connection is available
  • Automated synchronisation ensures all inspectors and the office share the updated information simultaneously without any physical boundary
  • Powerful analytics can be drawn automatically from data captured in the digitised surveys to project green solutions enhancement

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